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I have always been deeply moved by poetry as are most people. For the past 10 years, I’ve received a poem with a visual image connected to it in my e-mail inbox every day. When I take the time to stop from my busyness and actually read it, it always impacts me in a settling way.

The mystical poets of old are particularly intriguing. As many children of the 60’s, I spent many years seeking out ancient texts, teachers and teachings. It’s been a fascinating journey filled with ups and downs, pitfalls and mountain top views. Through it all however, the poems of those who travelled those byways and highways ahead of us always lit the way, gave us hope and inspiration and a glimpse into their reality.

As the years went by, the  meanings and wisdom in the poems became more and more clear and apparent. As we garnered glimpses ourselves of what the ancient sages were experiencing, the poems took on deeper and more profound meaning. For many, they inspired a generation to try their hand at writing their own poems, visions and realizations.

This site however is dedicated to the original writings as they  have been translated into English by a wide variety of writers over the years. Often the same poems translated by different people would come across to the reader with slightly different shades of meanings. Translation itself is an art form reflecting the awareness and skillfullness of the translator themselves.

The poems here are some of my favorite translations by some of my favorite translators. Being an artist, the visual always stimulates my imagination. For me combining words and images is a potent way to engage me even more. I offer them up on this site for other’s who love to bask in the beauty of the spoken word and visual imagery.